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Make IIS, VFC, & Pandemic work easier with provider-driven data and process integration.

Provider Manager

Combines centralized provider communications and status tracking with integrated workflows.

  • Medical Providers
  • Provider Groups
  • Electronic Health Record Vendors
  • Delivery Networks
  • Information Exchanges

Provider Portal

Secure resources for providers and EHR Vendors to eliminate manual processes. Leads providers through simplified self-serve workflows.

Empowers providers to drive:

  • IIS enrollment
  • VFC enrollment & recertification
  • Pandemic enrollment
  • Interoperability and testing
  • Promoting interoperability attestation
  • Help desk management
  • User training
  • User management


Syntropi brings together the data and workflows for multiple programs

  • IIS
  • VFC
  • Pandemic
  • Interoperability

Syntropi can integrate with existing IIS solutions via RESTful API and SOAP

Modular System

Syntropi is composed of modular parts which can be combined to achieve your goals:

  • IIS
  • VFC
  • Data Exchange
  • Data Quality
  • Pandemic

Ongoing Quality

  • Monitor ongoing quality of submitted HL7 data
  • Conformance to standards
  • Instant feedback for quality testing
  • Provide accountable training

Analyze and Report

  • Real-time intelligence for reporting to government stakeholders
  • Monitor throughput for enrollment and on-boarding
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vaccines for children

VFC Manager

  • Self-serve portal for enrollment and re-enrollment
  • Flu pre-book
  • Providers love the common data set with IIS and Pandemic to save data entry

Interface Project Manager

Reduce project discontinuity with immediate communications and tasking through the web portal.

Per-phase statuses shared across all viewpoints.

Assign tasks to specific state PH staff, EHR vendors, or provider staff.

The web portal leads providers through simplified workflows at each phase.

  • BI Dashboard Based Queue
  • Intergrated Medical Group Management
  • Automated Stakeholder Communications
  • Monitored Action Request Generation
  • Contact Management
  • Dynamic Project Logs

Automated On-Boarding

Automate testing and validation with less back-and-forth communication.

Providers, EHR vendors and system integrators get most testing completed before kickoff.

  • Automatic IIS ID generation
  • Pre-populated WSDL
  • Automated connectivity
  • Automatic transport validation
  • Real-time ACK monitoring for passing rate
  • ACK translation
  • Gateway access management

Data Quality Monitor

Monitor data quality during pre-testing and later on an ongoing basis during ongoing submissions:

  • Accuracy
  • Completeness
  • Timeliness
user management

User Manager

Allow web portal users from your provider sites and groups to manage their own contacts and users. Administrative portal users can invite new portal users, edit their contact and role information, or deactivate their portal accounts.

Request a quote for integrating the management of IIS user accounts with Single Sign-on.

Batch Processing

Request a quote for batch-processing systems to facilitate moving multiple entities through workflows like enrollments, clinician registration, or pandemic.


Document Manager

  • Centralized document storage
  • Integrate forms and agreements into web portal provider workflows
  • Prefill forms with known data for rapid completion
  • Send-for-signature feature to make it easy for signatories

Data Integration

Use a common dataset to harmonize work across programs. Integrate IIS data with VFC, Pandemic, and Interoperability data. Use Single Sign-on to make it easy for providers.

Single Sign-On

Make it easy to access multiple systems at the state level by integrating the log in process for Syntropi with IIS or the state digital gateway.

Help Desk Manager

Stakeholders using the web portal can raise support tickets for your help desk. Your teams can assign them by team or by staff member, and respond to the issues in the portal, with email notifications for the stakeholder.

Outreach Management System

Dashboards personalized by role provide an overview of workflows, and per-provider reminders for follow-up. Drill down to work with a specific provider. Document contact and action requests so your colleagues can take over at any point. Step into a specific provider’s shoes in the provider web portal if they need help.

  • Integrated Workflows
  • Communication Logs
  • Broadcast Messaging
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Centralized Data
  • Centralized Document Storage

Provider Web Portal

Providers, EHR Vendors, IDNS and HIE staff can access the web portal, which leads them through your workflows:

  • Online Registration for Programs
  • Web Enabled Forms–providers update and maintain their information
  • Integrated Help Desk Support
  • Trackable Learning Management
  • Pre-test HL7 messaging for a site, a group, or an EHR, and get instant feedback on specific compliance customized to your state
  • Get documentation of interoperability status for CMS
  • Manage IIS users (with optional integration)

Pandemic Manager

Speed up pandemic provider on-boarding with provider self-enrollment, easy approvals, and built-in reporting for government stakeholders. Modeled on VFC processes, the pandemic workflow covers enrollment, electronic agreements, eligibility verification (including NIPPES clinician license verification), and easy uploads to the CDC data lake.

Use a common dataset to harmonize work across programs. Integrate IIS data with VFC, Pandemic, and Interoperability data. Use Single Sign-on to make it easy for providers.

Broadcast Manager

Design and send HTML email updates to stakeholders

Manage broadcasts to:

  • Organization email addresses
  • Certain contacts by role (primary contact, technical contact, interoperability, etc.)
  • Specific counties
  • Specific IIS or VFC provider types
  • Providers on a specific delivery network or system integrator

Training Manager

training manager

Coordinate self-serve online learning and in-person trainings.

  • Manage training and curriculum offerings
  • Collect evaluations
  • Provide self-service completion certificates
  • Track user training history


Attesting providers can declare intent to submit and download their status on a report card from the self-serve web portal.

School District Manager

school district manager

School systems are a special kind of provider group. In many states, immunizations given in schools are subject to specific laws and processes. The school district manager helps district staff manage users and registrations in districts with high staff turnover and many provider sites.

Reporting and Analysis

Data you need at your fingertips for quality assurance, operations, and reporting to government stakeholders:

  • How many total doses of quadrivalent flu in MDVs for ages 3 and up are pre-booked for next year?
  • How long does it take our team to turn around a submitted pandemic provider enrollment?
  • How many sites enrolled in our IIS?
  • What is the most used EHR in our state?

Reporting categories

  • Program-based: IIS, VFC, Pandemic
  • Data Exchange Onboarding and Ongoing Quality
  • Interoperability Status
  • Level of Usage
  • School District Reporting
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting

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